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Ordinary Day

And it's all your state of mind...

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Brief pictorial teaser
Alan and Sean Ordinary Day

I didn’t get too many pics during the show since I’m still learning the fine art of how to do a picture on the iPhone that doesn’t suck–and then how to actually save it in the best possible format. However, I’m pretty happy with this one of my B’ys! As you can see I wasn’t too far back from the stage, with only a small number of fans in front of us.

B'ys of Awesomeness

B'ys of Awesomeness

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I thought that guy in the middle was wearing sort of a mermaid skirt but I think it's just someone in the foreground's hair.

LOL! Well, Séan WOULD be the one to wear the mermaid skirt, but yeah, that's just the head of the very blonde fangirl who was in front of me. ;)

Is it wrong that I want to kidnap them all and keep them for my very own?

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