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On the closing of AllRomanceEbooks
Alan and Sean Ordinary Day

I saw news breaking this week, first on The Digital Reader, and then by both Smart Bitches Trashy Books and Dear Author. Both of these sites have mentioned how Romance Writers of America is deeply unamused by the entire affair.

In short: All Romance Ebooks is closing, and there has been a firestorm of bad reaction about this, because of their attempt to offer impacted authors ten cents on the dollar for outstanding royalties owed. Since I’m not a romance author, and since what romance titles I’ve purchased for my own reading have been through either Kobo or B&N, I don’t have an immediate horse in this race. But I wanted to relay the news in case anyone who reads me hasn’t seen it already–and in case any of you are actually customers of the site. If you are a customer of the site you should see about backing up your library from them RIGHT NOW.

And for any authors who read me and who have had titles there, and who will have your income impacted by this: my profoundest sympathies. It all sounds generally horrible and deeply disappointing.

If you want more data, check out the links at the top of the post.

Editing to add: Writer Beware now has a post up about the matter, including discussion of how there were no particular classic warning signs about this implosion and how nobody knew anything was apparently wrong before this week.

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This is such a shit show, all around. When last I had books out and about, I had several out at ARE, and while I can't say they sold well put there in the glory days of M/M, everyone seemed to think that they were a pretty honorable outfit. Sorry and angry for the authors, publishers and readers impacted. :-(

All of what I know re: ARe is from following Smart Bitches Trashy Books, and I've certainly seen how they've been happy ARe supporters; SBTB has a history of ARe supporting promotions for them and giving rebates to SBTB readers and such. I'm sorry for the readership of the Bitchery, since this impacts them quite a bit. :(

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