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Ordinary Day

And it's all your state of mind...

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Anna the Piper
Hi, I'm Angela Korra'ti, Anna the Piper online and Anna to my friends. I'm a computer geek, an author, and an amateur musician, living in Kenmore, WA with my partner solarbird, our housemates, and assorted computers, instruments, and pets.

I'm a science fiction and fantasy writer, and my first book, an urban fantasy called Faerie Blood, is available for sale! Find out more over here on the book's official page!

Book 2 of Faerie Blood's trilogy, Bone Walker, is in progress and will soon be joining Faerie Blood for sale, targeted for early Winter 2013.

Starting Spring 2013, I will ALSO have a fantasy trilogy available from Carina Press! I'll be writing those books under the name of Angela Highland! Watch this space for further details on that as they happen!

I'm liberal, agnostic with pagan sympathies, feminist, and queer-friendly, and sometimes I'll talk about that.

I'm a breast cancer survivor, dealing with reconstruction surgery following stage 0 DCIS.

I'm a mighty geek. I love me some Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica (old AND new), anything by Joss Whedon, spectacularly bad movies, and the old-school cheesy goodness that is Irwin Allen and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Although strictly amateur, I'm a musician: I play guitar, bouzouki, flute and piccolo, and a bit of mandolin, and I sing some as well. I favor Celtic/folk music, especially of the Atlantic Canada and Quebecois variety, and filk, and I'll post semi-regularly about sessions I attend as well as occasional busking out with solarbird.

And speaking of Canadian folk music, if you hang around here for more than five minutes, you'll hear me fangirl at the slightest provocation over Great Big Sea, my favorite band. Their song "Ordinary Day" is where my journal gets its name (and you can hear it in the embedded player right on their homepage!). And hey, if that isn't enough to convince you, folks, ALAN DOYLE. The dude is winsome, what can I say?

I've also fallen madly, passionately in love with Quebecois traditional music, so you'll hear me fangirling a lot about Le Vent du Nord, Les Charbonniers de l'Enfer, La Bottine Souriante, De Temps Antan, La Volee d'Castors, Galant Tu Perds Ton Temps, and other fine Quebecois trad groups! This music's inspiring me to work on my French, so you'll periodically see me posting about that. Francophones are highly encouraged to help me refine my grammar and vocabulary, especially if you're Quebecois or Canadian-taught Francophones!
30_odd_foot_of_grunts, a-ha, alan doyle, astronomy, avatar, avatar: the last airbender, babylon 5, barbara michaels, battle of the planets, battlestar galactica, biking, bouzouki, c.e. murphy, canada, canadian music, captain scarlet, carbon leaf, castle, celtic music, charlie jade, daniel craig, daoine sidhe, david tennant, de temps antan, deby fredericks, doctor who, doranna durgin, drollerie press, eddie izzard, elfquest, elizabeth peters, elves, elvis presley, feminism, filk, filk music, firefly, flute, folk music, french, french canadian music, gael baudino, gaelic, gatchaman, gay rights, gblt rights, german, great big sea, guitar, han shot first, han solo, harrison ford, harry dresden, heather alexander, indiana jones, invader zim, ireland, irish, irish bouzouki, irish flute, irish music, j.d. robb, jack aubrey, james bond, jane austen, jim butcher, jonathan coulton, joss whedon, julie czerneda, karen traviss, la bottine souriante, languages, le vent du nord, les charbonniers de l'enfer, lois and clark, lord of the rings, lost, lost in space, macgyver, mah jongg, mandolin, morten harket, mst3k, mystery science theater 3000, nanowrimo, naomi novik, nethack, newfoundland, newfoundland music, norwescon, octave mandolin, paganism, patrick o'brian, pern fandom, php, piccolo, polyamory, quebecois music, queer rights, quenya, rachel caine, remington steele, robin mckinley, russell crowe, science fiction, scotland, scots gaelic, seattle, seven nations, sidhe, sindarin, slashem, solas, sonnets, star trek, star wars, superman, susanna kearsley, sushi, tanya huff, temeraire, tenth doctor, the dresden files, the fables, the irish descendants, the paperboys, the young dubliners, the_ordinary_fear_of_god, three good measures, tofog, tolkien, very bad movies, voyage_to_the_bottom_of_the_sea, will laurence, women sf writers, women's rights, worldcon, writer's weekend, writing

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