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Those of you who have been with me since 2003 may remember that the first time I tackled NaNoWriMo, I whipped out a little thing called Faerie Blood. I threw everything I know and love into it: Seattle, computer geekery, biking, cats, elves, music, magic, Elvis, and even a touch of Russell Crowe and Great Big Sea if you know where to look. Several of you have done me the huge, huge help of beta reading, sometimes more than once. Many others of you have offered encouragement great and small.

Now, after five years of off-again, on-again revisions and queries, I can announce that my Plucky Little Urban Fantasy That Could has found a home at Drollerie Press.

How thrilled am I feeling about this? Pretty damned thrilled!

Drollerie may be tiny, they may be new, and they may be an e-and-POD press--but they come highly recommended by the redoubtable dr_pretentious. More importantly, with their emphasis on the mythic in the titles they put out, I feel strongly that they'll be a good place for my book to live. You won't find a lot of the current popular trends in my book; there's not a single vampire or werewolf, no graphic violence, no graphic sex. But you will find a girl whose ordinary life is turned on its ear by her rising faerie heritage, while a city transforms before her eyes. You'll find an old woman equally at home with magic and a shotgun. You'll find a young wanderer who has to choose between running from his past and embracing it.

And, because I'm sure janne will demand it, you'll find one other thing too. Three little words: Unseelie Elvis impersonator. ;)

Kudos go to mizkit for making me do Nano for the first time to begin with, to dr_pretentious for pointing me at Drollerie, and serasempre for her warm and enthusiastic reception of my submission. And I will be doing a whole separate post in gratitude to my beta readers.

serasempre informs me that we're looking at possible formal editing to begin in mid-to-late November, with an eye towards e-release in December or possibly early January. Watch this space for further details, folks.

And listen for the music. It's coming.



BTW - I have a cd for you, but I don't know to where to send it...

Thank you very much, on both counts! I'll wing you email re: appropriate address. :)





Thank you very much! I just hope the book itself invokes as many wows. *^_^*;;

Congrats! Big hug ((((HUG))))!!!

*hugs!* Thanks very much! Speaking of another shoutout post I need to do... ;)

YAY!!!! That is really, really amazing. I can't wait to see it in print!! :D

Thanks much!

Apparently the way this will work is if FB sells enough in the e-edition, a POD edition will also be done. So we'll just have to hope I sell enough e-editions! ;)

Congratulations! That's fantastic news!

YAY Congratulations!! :)

Thank you very much! Also, icon love. <3

Hee, yes! And various other noises of glee!

OMG, I am ded from awesome! *thud*

Congratulations! \o/

I'm pretty whomperjawed from the awesome myself! *^_^*;; Thank you very much!


Hee! And you, m'dear, helped make it possible! ^_^ Thanks again!

eee! *dances* that's awesome!

Eee indeed and thank you very much! :)

(Deleted comment)
YAY YAY YAY YAY! Where do I pre-order? :)

As soon as I know, I shall spread the word! Drolleriepress.com has its own store for its titles, but the e-editions are also sold through Amazon and Fictionwise, and I'll be compiling a list of appropriate other places to watch as well.

Ditto for a print edition, which will be somewhat behind the e-one but should definitely be available via both Drollerie's site and Amazon.

And, thank you very much! :)

Oh, hooray for you!! That's so exciting!

Thanks much! I'm all "DA HELL?!" and "wait, what, there's going to be an actual book WITH MY NAME ON IT?!" *^_^*;;

So yeah, exciting!

That's an awesome pie a'la'awesome, with a side of awesome and a great big frothy glass of AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

So I take it you're pleased then. *^_^*;;

(Man, I hope the actual book generates this level of enthusiasm!)

Thanks babe! :)

(Deleted comment)
That's amazing! Congratulations!

Happy Joyful dance of many purchased books!
Congrats on the contract!


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