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I see what you mean about a middle of the series flavor and two plots. And yes, the Istanbul section left me with lots of questions. I hope we'll come back to it later and find out what happened -- it seems like a lot of things left hanging, including the girl.

I loved Lien. More Lien!

Right, I totally forgot about the girl in Istanbul. She was indeed very interesting, and it was a shame that the plot just up and bailed on her as well as everything else there. (Though I must admit that I did also love the visual in my brain of Laurence accidentally bursting in on the harem; I can totally see him with a look of blushing consternation. ;) )

Definitely more Lien. I want to see her manipulating things and using the small squishy humans around her to achieve her ends!

Bit late to this comment, but I'm pretty sure the girl is in love with Tharkay and he with her - and that he can't marry her because of his relative lack of fortune & position. I might've misread that, because I finished Black Powder War during the longest travel hell ever. I'm so jet-lagged and spacy I can't even remember how to spell spacy. (Spacey? Spacy? I have no idea.)

I think Novik is playing pretty tight to the actual Napoleonic wars -- right up until Napoleon overextended himself into the Russian winter, he was kicking ass and taking names throughout the continent. He really did destroy the Austrians at Austerlitz and the Prussians at Jena. It wasn't until 1807-1808 that the English landed a military force in Portugal and began the Peninsula Campaign. The hassle of the English and the Spanish guerrilla fighters was enough to weaken and distract Napoleon, letting the Austrians launch a surprise attack and make some gains. (They called it 'The Spanish Ulcer' because it ate away at France's stronger units, nibbling them to death. Napoleon was -wonderful- at forcing large cumbersome armies to fight him. What he wasn't so good at was defending from smaller, more diffused attacks.) Though technically at peace, the Russians were grumpy about the trade restrictions that Napoleon forced on them -- and in order to quell their bitching, Napoleon got the Grand Armee together (500,000 troops) and marched into Russia. In winter. And froze.

And that was what let the allies regroup and eventually kick his little Corsican ass.

I really love the Napoleonic war. S'very interesting. Also, it's an excuse to watch the Sharp movies, which are full of Sean Bean-y goodness. :)

Dictionary.com says that "spacey" and "spacy" are both acceptable spellings. ^_^

....... and right then. I missed if anything was brewing between Tharkay and our young lass (and I am vexed that I remember his name just fine, but am not remembering hers). Clearly I will have to re-read the whole book to look for the bits I missed!

I'm not so versed on my Napoleonic history, so it's good to hear that Novik is following things pretty closely! And yeah, it does make for some grand storytelling, doesn't it? I need to read some more of the Sharpe novels, and look at the Sean Bean-y goodness, too!

I'm pretty sure the girl is in love with Tharkay and he with her - and that he can't marry her because of his relative lack of fortune & position.

Yes, I got that as well. There were a couple of comments to that effect.

Hope we see more of Tharkay in later books!

That would be excellent, yeah. He does have "recurring character" written all over him, and certainly there seems to be plenty of potential for him to be around for book four if they have to haul the feral dragons back to Britain!

I've read, and reread the Temeraire trilogy. Black Powder War is probably my least favorite of the books, and it's still a crackling good read.

It's my least favorite because of the two plots, as noted in your review, that kind of meander all over the place, and the sense of futility in the losing battles.

BIG plus signs, though, for the further development of Lien as not only a whopping mad nemesis for Temeraire and Laurence, but as Napoleon's new best friend. Lien is a fabulous character, and makes a worthy antagonist.

And who couldn't enjoy the birth and early life of Izkierka. I do hope the dragonet learns a little prudence, or the Corps will have to take out fire insurance in a big way.

But I want to see Temeraire fighting alongside Lily and Maximus once more. And I'm worried that Novik will kill off too many wonderful dragons (please, not Volly!) in the next book....

I have no Temeraire/dragon icons, btw, just LOTR (book and movie) and other stuff...

Hey there, sorry that I let this comment sit for so long! I often get really behind on my email and LJ comments, but I didn't want to ignore this one since I love the Novik books so much and was delighted to hear from another fan. :)

I too am very anxious to see Temeraire back with Lily and Maximus, and if Ms. Novik kills off any of the really cool dragons, I shall be most put out. Sniff.

I hear tell we have until next fall before we find out!

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