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*giggle* Sorry about the torrent o' spoilers, but I did have a great deal I loved about this book! Hope you made it safely past the deluge, and I'll look forward to hearing whether the book worked as well for you as it did for me!

Yeah? I'll snag a copy next time at work at your recommendation. ;)

Woot! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! :)

as a Pern fan i will go and get this book and read it right now:)



Cool! Hope you enjoy the read!

Followed here via the link at Temeraire_fans, and I'm very gleeful that you basically summarized everything I loved about the book. Because, oh god, *the friendship*. It makes my toes curl up in joy, because here you have Laurence, whose life has just been inverted and he's sort of lost and bemused, and then you've got Temeraire, who's basically, "I think I love you very much." I mean, what can you *say* to that? :)

As for the female aviators, I have to say, I quite liked Catherine and Jane. This is weird, because women in fantasy usually piss me off to no end, because they always seem to be either token scenery or blatant Mary-Sues. But I liked these two, and I have to say, Jane and Laurence's conversation about children is the funniest part of the book.

And I'm immensely pleased that Throne of Jade is released two days before I have to hop a plane to London, so I'll have some excellent reading material.


Hiya, and delighted to see you stopping by!

The nature of the immediate bond between Laurence and Temeraire is indeed toe-curlingly glee-making, and I really loved how Novik handled it. I did get the impression (a-heh, pun not REALLY intended) that there's some sort of mental connection forged during a harnessing, and yet, that was totally downplayed. Instead, she chose to emphasize that Laurence and Temeraire genuinely love one another as comrades and friends and not because they can't help themselves due to a mental link.

(Which makes me wonder whether there is really a mental link going on between a dragon and his or her rider here, and if I misread what was going on when Temeraire hatched. Certainly the example of Rankin and poor Levitas might lead one to believe that if there really is a mental bond there, then Rankin wouldn't have been nearly so much of an asshole to his dragon. On the other hand, Levitas might have had a bit more gumption in standing up for himself if there weren't a mental bond of some kind there. Or perhaps Levitas was just possessed of a gumption-less sort of personality. Hard to say!)

I very, very much liked both Catherine and Jane, and found myself genuinely torn as to which of them I was rooting for as a potential love interest for Laurence. I thought it was going to be Catherine for the longest time there, except then the Frenchman steps into the picture--which genuinely surprised me, and I approved of that. And I love, love, LOVE that the blunt, earthy, scarred woman is actually the one who gets to be the romantic interest. She's so refreshingly non-angsty, and you are quite right, the conversation about children is hysterical. I loved how that scene ended, too, when she proceeds with the smooching and we get a nice fade-to-black.

I'm bouncing around in anticipatory glee for Throne of Jade, next week! I did read the preview chapter, and after I stopped gaping at it and wanting to go smack around all of the British High Command, I was very happy indeed with that taste of the next story. And Jane's appearance in it, too!

(*laughs!* I just also realized that the way she greets Laurence when she finds him after his initial confrontation with the party from China really rather reminded me of how Marion greets Indy at the tail end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, which in turn makes me think that Karen Allen would be a fabulous casting choice for Jane if this series were ever made into movies. I think she just got cast as Jane in my brain, at the very least!)

I'm coming very late to this, as I only discovered the books a few months ago. I would note, however that the bond seems more from the dragons to the humans than vice versa, and yet they seem to be able to refuse it - certainly a second or third bonding, as Celeritas notes that he couldn't stand working with Rankin, who was then "put to" Levitas (which made me snicker a bit, as the phrase is also used in horse breeding).

I'm not sure I agree with that a hundred percent--certainly Laurence seems just as ardently attached to Temeraire as Temeraire is to Laurence. Laurence can't imagine working with any other dragon.

But on the other hand, there are other examples as well where the human clearly doesn't have as strong a bond to the dragon as the dragon does to the human. (The jerk in book one who abuses his dragon so much comes to mind.) So I guess it can depend upon the individual dragon/human pairs.

Heh, I was the same way with regard to the Great Love Interest. I was petrified that it was going to be this Edith woman, whom seems entirely too wet-blanket. Then I was worried there'd be some weird triangle between Catherine, Jane, and Laurence, and when Frenchman stepped in, I was like, "Thank god for *that*" Then I was like, "Oh, shit! Traitor!" but it didn't seem like any of them were going in some "I will fight you for his love, bitch!" direction.

Besides, Laurence has Temeraire. That's a clingy girlfriend if I ever saw one :)

Ah, I never thought Edith was much of an issue, at least as soon as it was made clear that marrying an aviator would be such a huge societal sacrifice.

I was vaguely disappointed when we got Choiseul (am I spelling that right?) showing affection to Catherine... since part of me did actually want to see some sparks between her and Laurence. And I too wondered if we'd have some sort of triangle going on when Jane came on camera and she and Laurence started having sparks.

Though honestly? I think that perhaps if we do get any kind of triangle going on, it may turn out to be refreshingly non-angstful given what we've seen of aviator society so far. Hell, Jane even point-blank said that Catherine might do as a mother for a child or two for Laurence. ;)

On the other hand, it'd also be kind of cool if Catherine just remains a very good friend, as I'd like to see a significant female character in the cast with that sort of a role. And if Jane's presence in the preview chapter for ToJ is any indication, certainly she and Laurence seem to maintain some sort of relationship at least for a while. And I think I'll be quite good with that.

And you're quite right, it'll be tough for any woman to really compete with Temeraire. ;) Even if a Laurence/Catherine/Jane triangle happens, perhaps the simple fact that they all have dragons, and therefore have those huge claims on their hearts already, would counterbalance any real danger of relationship angst.

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